The truth about business.

The truth about business.

The truth about creating money is that there is nothing I can do about it.

Money is simply a large organism arranging itself as it pleases. It is completely impartial to everything. The truth is weather wealth or no wealth you are where you are as apart of destiny.

Having wealth when one is not at peace is only resources for the unchoosingly so evil hearted. Having no wealth for the impure is fodder for pain and misery on all who have anything. Those who are at peace may have wealth or not have wealth. These are the men who change everything.

True that those who are impartial have an edge advantage at making wealth, however to wish to find peace so that you way have wealth to help others is self destructive and cannot happen. For you believe that there is something to be helped.

Until it is understood that all that is has occured through destiny. This does not mean it is good or bad. This does not mean you need accept it or not it does not matter. The truth is just that all that happens is from destiny. Any incling that there is a you who can change ways in something you have imagined can only bring guaranteed misery.

The truth is that you must see there are those destined to help in some way and others others way. Then there are those destined to burn all that is to the ground. Both forces happen accordingly. This does not need to be accepted, it must only be seen.

The truth is that you wish to sleep at ease tonight yet there is no such thing. Any thought for the future is doomed, as it arrises from a point of misunderstanding. There is nothing right or wrong about this it just simply is the truth. Society has set itself up this way because God was happy with it.

God does not value our individuality in ways we can imagine. Yet it is significant.




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