The Beasts and Witches in the Hills

Mo Arslan
2 min readJun 17, 2022


To go where others do not, I must encounter beasts and witches that others are safe from. My family was offended by the sultry western hoes and I dove right in. There’s some fortune that I never was good at getting pussy. No harm in being too short to reach to cookie jar.

There will be Taliban soldiers in the hills and sociopaths in trusting people.

Do I dive right in and get burned? I now care and am paying a lot of attention to the dragons which I may come upon. Before I even hear them.

Before I simply chased that which tempted me and this broke my mum’s heart, now I don’t trust myself.

So I question my every move and try things that I usually never would have.

I broke my mums heart by chasing that which she believed to be horrific. Since then I explored the internet and found atheists who are also appalled by the things which my mother hates:
- Crappy TV
- Adultery
- Chasing pleasures
- Pointless socialising
- Drinking
- Psychedelics
- Immodesty

And I have found things which she knows to be wrong but still does:
- Lazy Food choices
- Lack of exposure to nature

I kind of agree to these ideas, before I challenged them because I believed them to be silly ideas, now the people I respect most online are following them. Yet there are still those who break the rules and live a good life, yet I wouldn’t say I respect them.

Joe Rogan does drugs and I’m happy for him, but I don’t respect him as much as others. Paul Chek does drugs and I would not know who trust between him and the Tradders. I think it is Paul whom I trust. Then there is Kapil.

Kapil Gupta and Paul Chek. Jordan Peterson and Johnathan Pageau. Here I see the two extremes. Reaching the heights of man outside of tradition or through tradition. All pursue the Truth. And I can use this to battle my family. To leave them in confusion.

Responsibility. “A life of sincere dedication to finding the perfect blossom is not a wasted life.” The key here is the sincerity. Absolute sincerity can only come from nature and God. Dreams of the future of Earth, End of days. To spend a life fighting with these. Or to sincerely build a hut. Is it rude to go into the unknown. Should I take on responsibility?

“The world is taring itself apart.” “ You can’t see a blossom tree if the natural world is going to be destroyed.” “The natural world will be fine.”

Sacrificing the joy of just playing, growing up and actually getting involved with the fight against the anti humanists. Actually figuring things out.