Saving the World

Mo Arslan
1 min readJun 17, 2022

I have watched many films of hero’s who saved the world. Safety has never been guaranteed. A battle between Good and Evil is going on. It swings up and down as it always has.

Strong, delocalised groups, anchored together by truth. Anti-Humanists. Only a handful of heroes. The truth is all that is needed. The most compassionate and effective man is the man who lives without a sense of self. This is not chosen this an adventured embarked upon and gift given to those who are sincere. Most do not receive it. If you are playing a balancing you will not get it.

The truth. “What should I be doing with my time?” “What should I be doing right now?”

I’ve booked another holiday with Charles, I just wish to see him, I hope he will see me and find some solace. And if not? Do I stick with him for the rest of my life? Boundaries? Inspiration? Letting him go? Faith … “See everything you love turn to dust and be okay with it.”