Mo Arslan
2 min readJun 16, 2022

A man lies awake, shaking and stirring in the night, a focus of energy in his mind as a million voices bark in the night. The whispers of witches and bullies haunting him in the night. His own expectations for himself tumbling around him. Another night, 1579th, just over 4 years of hell. He would have a few moments of bliss but most of all we are in a life of hell.

This is the life of a man in the city, he has access to food on demand, he has warmth and cool on demand. He has every source of entertainment at his finger tips, he has every instrument and creative tool at hand. Yet he does not chose to sail the oceans.

Instead he chose life in the office, he followed the hoards of men around him, he chose to be smart, he tried to play life based on his economic predictions, he said let me become a qualified accountant so that if there is hell to pay later he will have some security for his family. He said let aim for the best and the highest, let me be an auditor for the Big 4. He said I will have a practical degree, for the best company and doing a job which will benefit others. Yet he is in pain as he questions if this was the right approach. What if I had simply began a life of sailing, was I doomed to financial difficulty if I had simply chosen to live out in the open seas.

I wish for a life of a satisfied man. And in my mind I hear the voice of a sun which does not exist, “I wish you had worked harder so that I could be more comfortable.” This breaks my heart, for this is the voice of a man who is lost. Then I fear the sun who holds this question in his mind repressed, for this is a broken sun. Genuine peace of mind. To genuinely get to grips with the truth of my craft, to excel and have …